Helping Stadler gain entry to the UK mainline passenger market

Translating skills and strengths for the UK market.

The UK is a unique and complex operating environment because of the way the commercial framework is structured. Manufacturers providing to mainland Europe typically don’t have the same considerations or hurdles to overcome in relation to the commercial framework and application of UK standards and legislation.

The problem: Stadler has a phenomenal reputation in countries around the world, but had no mainline passenger experience in the UK. The client seeking to procure from Stadler were nervous about using a new entrant for such a sizeable contract.

The answer: In responding to the brief, Racon helped Stadler identify where else in the world they could demonstrate they had the experience required. We then helped Stadler translate and package this expertise, all the while using our reputation to reinforce their ability to satisfy the UK market.

The bottom line: Stadler have now gained entry to the UK with a range of contracts to supply and maintain trains.

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