Looking beyond the obvious

Not all problems arrive perfectly formed in a 300 page specification document. In procuring a state of the art upgrade to the new Glasgow Subway system, our client SPT wanted to understand the art of the possible.

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Pinpointing cost savings

Racon has a track record in supporting successful franchise bids across the UK. From finding unique commercial USPs, to unearthing new ways to trim or positively challenge costs.

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Helping Stadler gain entry to the UK mainline passenger market

Stadler has been building trains for 75 years. Their reliability, flexibility and commitment to state-of-the-art technologies was well known in 20 countries around the world for mainline passenger trains, but up until recently not the UK. Racon helped Stadler win their first UK supply and maintenance contracts for these train types worth £1.5bn.

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Quick fact

Language needn’t be a barrier to efficiency. In a recent project we co-ordinated teams in three different geographic regions, speaking four different languages across a whole range of disciplines both technical and commercial.

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